“I was fortunate to meet Allyson Cabot, PT, and Gabrielle Shrier, MPT, in 2008. I was head of education for Redcord Norway and the trainer of Master Instructors for North America. After they attended their first Neurac course they demonstrated professionalism and a deep understanding of the Neurac method. In 2009 they became certified as Neurac course instructors and have been a part of the Redcord course instructor team in the U.S. since then. As educators they are engaging and knowledgeable. They have a great ability to integrate their clinical experience in their teachings, and transfer this into relevant practical skills. This makes Allyson and Gabrielle excellent course instructors for Redcord.”

-Øyvind Pedersen, Physiotherapist
VP Education & Research, REDCORD Norway

“I’ve been a client at Core Conditioning for more than 6 years. They truly understand dancers and know how to battle injuries efficiently and honestly. While working on Michael Jackson’s final tour, “THIS IS IT,” I recommended Allyson Cabot and her team to do on-site physical therapy with the dancers between rehearsals. Their staff was completely professional, friendly, and thorough. They were even invited to sit in on some of our show run-throughs!”

-Tony Testa, L.A. based choreographer

“In five years I have experienced two spinal discectomies, one lumbar fusion and many, many physical therapists – none of which helped me recover. A personal trainer friend suggested I try Core Conditioning and …WOW! In the past, my assigned therapist would give me a handout of basic floor exercises and send me on my way in six weeks. At Core Conditioning you never leave, …at least I’ll never leave! Through physical therapy, Pilates, Visceral and CranioSacral Therapy I am finally strengthening my core! Now I’m able to take classes that help support the work I’m doing in physical therapy.”

-Kym Fichtner

“What I like about Core Conditioning is that they look at your injury through assessing your entire body.  Who knew my knee injury would create weak muscle groups in other areas?  Well, they did.  The program they have created for me has focused on a range of exercises that I can do at home, combined with more intense clinic work and massage.” 

-Daryl S.

“I have had chronic back pain for as long as I can remember due to an unstable sacro-iliac as well as severe stenosis from L3-S1. I have been through years of physical therapy at other facilities and other treatment regimens with varying results, but no lasting improvement. I am currently in PT at Core Conditioning with an amazingly gifted Redcord therapist, and can see and feel the enormous difference. Not only am I standing up straighter than I have in years. I can now sit in a car for several hours with no residual pain and I have begun to enjoy walking again, thanks to Redcord and my therapist at Core Conditioning!”

-S. Garfield
Yoga Instructor

“I’m very pleased to have worked with Ally, Gabrielle and the rest of the Core Conditioning team for the rehabilitation of my knee. Not only did my knee become stronger than expected, but I also got a chance to really work my core, something that is very important for my Wide Receiver position and all athletes. Core Conditioning workouts are bigger than just rehabbing!”

-Brandon London
Montreal Alouettes’ Wide Receiver
Super Bowl/Grey Bowl Champion

“Gabrielle & Allyson have a passion for teaching and whole health that is contagious. Each workshop they teach is filled with insight, research, practical application and lots of personal attention. I continue to bring back helpful tools to offer my clientele after attending their workshops!”

-Lora Anderson, Master Trainer/Educator
Owner, Pilates Studio City

“I have worked with Allyson Cabot, PT, and Gabrielle Shrier, MPT, both as faculty members for Balanced Body University as well as presenters for Pilates on Tour since 2006. They gracefully combine their deep knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics and Pilates along with many years of clinical experience as physical therapists to create teaching experiences that are interesting, fun, well organized, practical and straightforward. Allyson and Gabrielle, along with their colleagues at Core Conditioning are pioneers in educating physical therapists, trainers and fitness enthusiasts alike in a multitude of rehabilitation principles on several apparatus.”

-Nora St. John, Founder & Program Director
Balanced Body Education Division

“I just complete Anatomy in 3-Dimension this weekend and highly recommend the course. It is perfect for the visual learner and has a great teacher! Thank you! All Pilates instructors should complete this exercise in clay!”

-Michelle A.
Certified Pilates Instructor

“We at Redcord USA are honored to have Gabrielle Shrier, MPT, and Allyson Cabot, PT, of Core Conditioning as part of our education staff and it is not surprising why Redcord is so popular in the state of California. It is a testament to their knowledge, teaching and educational experience that puts them on the top of the list when it comes to education. Whether it’s Neurac, Pilates or other PT topics, they both have a confident teaching style that is second to none.”

-Tyler Joyce, PT
Owner, Redcord USA & Neurac Institute for Physical Therapy

“I first experienced Redcord at Core Conditioning in Burbank, 2009, and loved it so much I decided to take a Redcord Education Course. That was four years ago, and I have been practicing and teaching Redcord myself now since 2009. I have attended several courses in the past four years, including Advanced 1 and recently attended Multi-Suspension at the Studio City location. I can say that it only gets better and more exciting with time. Two ropes or four ropes for the Redcord Active Courses, each level teaches you something for every body. My clients love it, they tell me every day how much stronger they are and how much more awareness they develop after their first session.”

-Nicole Leto, Pilates on 17th
Redcord Active & Pilates Instructor

“As a physical therapist and the inventor of CoreAlign®, I am very particular about who is allowed to teach my coursework on the equipment. It was such a pleasure to be at Core Conditioning in Los Angeles to train them and their staff on the CoreAlign®. Their enthusiasm and professionalism was very special to me. I am sure Core will develop into a major CoreAlign® Physical Therapy clinic in California. It is so encouraging to visit clinics where emphasis is on training patients to manage their every day level of function with good quality of movement and no pain. From there only good things can happen!"

-Jonathon Hoffman, PT
CoreAlign® Inventor, Developer & Master Trainer

“Since working with Core Conditioning, we’ve seen a great increase in our collective physical awareness and improved quality of movement inside of the 60-75 pound puppet suits… They have helped us to identify weak areas and given each individual a personalized plan to remain safe. Their attention to detail is invaluable in preventing injury at any job, whether you’re a firefighter, a stunt person…or even a parent.”

-Natural History Museum’s Performance Art program