Core Conditioning is a national leader in educational courses for both Neurac and Redcord® Active.

Redcord® - Neurac Medical coursework in the Neurac methodology provides a specially designed education system for therapists, doctors, and health professionals.  The simplicity and effectiveness of the Neurac method using Redcord® tools makes it the essential compliment to conventional therapy techniques, and a standalone therapy alternative for pain reduction and improved function. The Redcord® education program is continuously developed in accordance with the latest published scientific literature.

Courses include:

  • Neurac 1 (3 days)
  • Neurac 2 (Three 2 day courses)
  • Neurac 3 (3 days)

Redcord® Active is a unique training for personal trainers, Pilates instructors, wellness and fitness providers to gain a specialized skill set in kinetic-chain assessments and corrective exercise programs proven to facilitate injury prevention, rehabilitation, wellness and performance.

Courses include:

  • Redcord® Active Intro/Multisuspension
  • Redcord® Active Advanced 
  • Redcord® Active Pro