Core Conditioning is independently owned and operated by physical therapists, Allyson Cabot and Gabrielle Shrier. Their individual visions and passions became a reality in 2003 when they opened their first small facility. As their skills and their clientele grew, Core Conditioning became a premier rehabilitation, fitness, and wellness center.

What makes Core Conditioning different from conventional physical therapy clinics is that we integrate the worlds of medical science, whole body fitness and lifetime wellness. Our staff of passionate professionals brings diverse skills and backgrounds, including Sports Medicine, Orthopedics, Women’s Health, Pediatrics, Neurological Rehabilitation, Osteopathic Techniques and Dance Medicine.

We were one of the first clinics on the West Coast to offer Redcord®/ Neurac rehabilitation and fitness services.  We are Redcord®'s Master Educators having trained the majority of the physical therapists that practice this method in California and surrounding Western States.  

In addition to Redcord® training, we also offer the most comprehensive Teacher Training Programs and have been selected by Balanced Body to be their Master Trainers in Los Angeles.

Our medical backgrounds and scientific approach to fitness enable us to give our clients a customized combination of hands-on training and personal attention that benefit the body and the spirit. Core Conditioning accomplishes its mission through a unique application of rehabilitative sciences. Among these are physical therapy, osteopathic techniques, Neurac, and corrective exercise.

Whether you come to Core Conditioning for physical therapy, personal training or to join one of our group classes; Whether you’re an elite athlete or are just discovering fitness, you’ll soon experience how a stronger body will condition your life.

We are a team of highly trained physical therapists and fitness instructors with only one goal: To strengthen your body and condition your life.


Core Conditioning’s therapists, fitness instructors, and educators have all completed extensive training programs and draw from a variety of backgrounds including rehabilitation, strength training, ballet, modern dance, and yoga.