Jessica’s first experience with Pilates occurred in 2006. Bored with her usual workouts, she tried a Reformer class offered through her gym. A few sessions later, she noticed a positive difference in her body; feeling taller, leaner and centered. In 2007 a back injury and debilitating back pain lead her to seek physical therapy. Her doctor prescribed traditional mat exercises from the Pilates repertoire to help ease muscle spasms and overall pain. Her doctor also suggested she get more involved in Pilates to correct bad postural habits and improve core strength.

Jessica upped her weekly routine with group reformer, privates and mat sessions, and six months into making Pilates her exercise focus, she was pain free and has been ever since. This truly life-changing experience led to a desire to help people in the same situation and also others seeking a new way to get and stay fit, and create balance and change their bodies.

Jessica received her certification through Pilates Sports Center in Encino, California, and is a Certified Pilates Teacher with the Pilates Method Alliance. She is also CPR/First Aid/AED certified. Originally from suburban Philadelphia, Jessica earned a bachelors degree in Communication Studies from Temple University.